Saturday, October 8, 2011

Okay so yesterday, I had this huge plan to go hangout with some of my friends. Well it didn't happen as one of the ladies is pregnant (about five months) and is going on bed rest (doctor's order). So she end up not going out than the other lady forgot that she has to take her husband to see his PO which other stuff came up too. Of course we started out with four now down to two. Than my turn, my husband calls me at 7:30 am from work that he's having chest pain. Of course, I end up not going to hangout but had to take my husband to the ER. It end up to be nothing to worried about. He pulled a muscle. LOL! What a day? So the whole plan of going out and having lunch at Kyoto sushi restaurant and shopping at Mall of America and Hmong Village didn't happen yesterday. Lets plan to make it next week. I hope nothing goes wrong and we'll all be happy.

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