Sunday, October 16, 2011

My first October Birch Box 2011

I have been waiting for my Birch box since September. I missed out on September so had to wait for October's Birch box. So excited that I got it and I love the products that they gave me. 

This month theme is Prep and Finish. Birch box is a monthly or yearly subscription. It's only $10.00 a month and shipping is free. It comes with four deluxe samples that are high end products. It's a great way to sample out the products before buying the full size. Visit the site by typing 

1. Redken  shine flash 02
It feels light on the hair. A finishing spray that uses camelina oil and vitamin B5 for that silky and shimmering shine. 

2. Pangea Organics Facial scrub
It's an all natural scrub that has cranberry seed enzymes and finely ground adzuki bean to help clear dead skins away. 

3. Befine lip exfoliator
It heals the lips making your lips nice and soft. It takes away the flakes and cracks to make give your lips a velvety look.

4. Blinc Mascara 
A mascara that won't smear, smudge and has a girly look to it. 

This the extra bounse gift. Tea forte minteas. It gives the mouth a taste of mins with energizing yerba and rich cocoa. Enjoy!

I used the face scrub last night and I love it. It makes my skin feel fresh like the ocean wind is blowing in my face. I love that feeling. Right now, as the weather gets colder my lips is drying out fast too. So I tried the lip exfoliator and I didn't need to add EOS (my lip balm). I have been using the mascara for the past couple of days that's way I couldn't get a picture of it. But its amazing how it makes my lashes look longer and spreads out my lashes to make it have a clean look. I didn't need to had fake lashes to look like that are long. I added to make my lash look more full. The mints were a great treat. I love it!

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