Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today, I woke up and did my 15 minute of workout. Than got ready and head out to Khol's. I had this $10.00 gift card that was going to expired today. So I decide to go the mall and used it. I bought two outfit for my two wonderful boys. Of course with the ten dollars discount I only pay $28.00. It wasn't that bad because even though I only got two outfit but each one came with extra shirt and pants. So that was a winner. I'm not going to weight myself until Monday. Just because I want to see how much I lost. Weighting myself everyday isn't good and it won't give me any encouragement. Doing this diet plan is hard. I can't have want I want and I must chose wisely on what I eat and how much I eat.

Anyways, my little sister and nieces went out to the club (Myth). I haven't seen her all week and was hoping to see today when I stop by my parents house. She wasn't there so I didn't get to talk to her. I really want to see her piercing on the lips too. I still couldn't believe that she actually did. I hope it's something that she will like always. Well I wonder what my parents will say when she comes home and show them the piercing. Oh well.

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