Sunday, September 30, 2012

Target glade products for a possible free....

I went to Target this morning and try this deal and got myself from free glade. It was awesome. I love the candle. It smell so good and fills up the whole room with the scent. I haven't try out the expressions to see if it's any good but the candle is good. 
Target has a deal on the glade expression if you buy the starter kit than get the refill for free.

Here's how to do the deal:
Buy 1 glad expressions starter kit ($5.99), 1 glade refills ($1.99), and 1 glade candle ($2.99).
Use coupon: buy glade candle and get the glade expressions free.
Total: $2.99 but if your cashier doesn't adjust the coupons you would get it for free.

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